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Shanghai Mold Processing and Design Manufacturer-Shanghai Puroni Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a Japanese-funded enterprise established in 2005 and currently has 52 employees.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of precision mold processing, injection molding, injection molds, precision injection products and precision parts processing.

The company introduces advanced mold processing equipment and injection molding equipment from Japan, and has a team of professional engineers and technicians, and effective management ensures mold quality and professional services.

Now our customers are mainly distributed in Europe and America such as China, Japan and France.

Our core advantage

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    Our company is rich in funds, has a large number of imported precision equipment, first-class professional and technical personnel, to ensure that every product produced is value for money, exquisite and beautiful.
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    Quality Assurance

    Our company started with product inspection, with more than 30 years of measurement experience, a large number of precision inspection equipment and first-class professionals, and has been favored and looked at by more than 1,500 customers. Become a leader in this industry.
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    Wide coverage

    Our company has 6 factories in Asia, including Shanghai, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, etc. With nearly 1,000 employees, we can provide a full range of export processing services according to customer needs.
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    In order to serve customers better and in a timely manner, our company has established the Asian Business Strategy Office as the business window of the group company in Shanghai. In terms of quotation, technical discussion, customer complaint handling, delivery management, quality assurance, after-sales service, etc., we will communicate and coordinate with customers as soon as possible.

Mold customization process

Mold customization process


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